Trick or Treat Farm: Trick (L2)
You may have had enough TREATs, but did you think we didn't have a TRICK or two up our sleeves? Welcome to Layer 2 of the Trick or Treat Farm!
Trick or Treat Farm aims to provide a safe and fortuitous place for newcomers and veterans alike to increase the yields on cryptocurrency tokens deposited in the farm.
If you're new to yield farming, check out our Yield Farming Basics section for a rundown on the basics!
By using Trick or Treat Farm, you confirm that you are not resident in any country or state which prohibits interaction with cryptocurrency tokens and/or Defi/yield farming protocols and that you understand and accept the risks involved. See the Risks section for further detail on some of the main risks involved. The contents of this document and any part of the user interface is for informational purposes only and is not financial or other advice.
Last modified 6mo ago
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