Liquidity Lock, Timelock and Multi-Sig
When the project is set up, liquidity will be locked with DxSale, we will be sending our MasterChef to a timelock, and locking all dev funds in a Multi-Sig vault.

Liquidity Lock

We want to ease the mind of our participants by letting them know that we have no intention of pulling the liquidity at any time. In the process of using DxSale for a presale, the initial liquidity of TRICK-FTM is locked with their locking service.


The MasterChef for the farm has been sent to a 6-hour timelock. Although our access is limited by design, a timelock will ensure that adding of additional pools and farm, changes to pool weights or changes to deposit fees will require a waiting period before they can go live. (Note: Max deposit fee has been set to 4%).
Timelock Contract: 0xD60feEBcc4B0015aD1d1Cb18671fB60dBEefF784


All funds allocated to the dev team are going to be transferred directly into a vault that is only accessible by a multi-sig. This means that a single person will not have autonomy over the use of the dev funds.
Last modified 5mo ago